Obituary: Stephen Harper: January 23, 2006 – October 19, 2015

Stephen Harper, celebrated focus of the national “Anyone But Harper” political campaign, is gone, after a lengthy illness.

Known by many as “The Worst PM in History” or, simply, “The PM”, Steve will be remembered for his many accomplishments including the robust erosion of Canada’s international reputation, the complete fabrication of the niqab issue, and the creativity of his budget management.

As a leader, Steve was known for his utter disregard for Canada’s legal system. When working to preserve racial and gender inequality, Steve rarely let impediments such as Supreme Court of Canada or existing statutes influence his actions. He was passionate about democracy and took great pains to ensure Canada’s electoral system was preserved from the damaging involvement of the general public as much as possible.

His legacy will include his lasting impact on the world of science, especially health research. He will be remembered for his work with those suffering from mental health and addictions, including, perhaps most notably, the Ford family. Always certain of the right path, Steve supported ongoing stigmatization and limited treatment options. He was unwavering in his dismissal of harm reduction.

Steve was passionate about the environment; through policy and funding decisions, he guaranteed national park land was free to exist without undo interference by site managers, heritage interpreters, conservationists and other scientists. At the same time, he ensured key mineral rights and other natural resources were vested safely in the hands of trusted private sector friends.

But it is not only Steve’s many actions that characterize his public life. Steve’s tenacious adherence to inaction when faced with hundreds of missing and murdered women is truly remarkable, and sets him apart as a world leader.

Prior to today’s fatal outcome, Steve survived near-death experiences in 2006 and 2008. He is survived by a limited number of conservative family members, and old stock Canadians. Celebrations of Steve’s passing will be held around the country tonight and over the coming days.


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5 responses to “Obituary: Stephen Harper: January 23, 2006 – October 19, 2015

  1. Chivonne Graff

    Love this.


  2. Terry Harrison

    Great read!


  3. Linda Stumpf

    Brilliant! (I enjoyed reading your other entries as well. Keep up the good work! )


  4. Jacqueline

    Great obit!


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